The National General Aviation Manufacturers Association of Russia (NGAMA) was established by a resolution of the founding members’ meeting on 23 November 2012 and was registered by the Russian Ministry of Justice on 16 October 2013. ledokol


The foundation of the NGAMA was aimed primarily to unite the efforts of promoting activities associated with the engineering, production and operation of competitive GA equipment, to forge cooperation among the Association members with the aim of responding to the Russian GA demands and development prospects, to develop and implement advanced technologies, and to ensure effective use of the Association members’ potential in the aviation equipment production and operation. The NGAMA core activities are as follows:
– Assist in enhancing the GA legislative and regulatory framework with the aim to improve quality and scope of aviation equipment production
– Assist in implementing certification of products produced by the members of the Association, at the Interstate Aviation Committee, certification authorities of other countries, as well as in enhancing the domestic aviation certification system based on the best available international standards
– Develop, approve and implement the concept and development vectors of marketing, research, management, development, design, production, and innovative business activities of the members of the Association
– Coordinate marketing, research, management, R&D, design, production, innovative and commercial activities of the members of the Association, as well as assist in promoting the competitiveness of products, produced by the members of the Association, on the domestic and international markets
– Study the internal and external general aviation markets and related civil aviation segments for the benefit of Association members
– Assist in establishing and developing the infrastructure of the domestic general aviation market and related civil aviation segments
– Develop a common business policy for the foreign market to be used by Association members
– Develop a personnel training system based on scientific, technical and material resources of Association members
– Promote the development of regional transport accessibility and mobility of the Russian Federation’s population through the implementation of the Association members’ developments
– Develop, in conjunction with the appropriate departments and organizations, a legal framework promoting the development of the members of the Association involved in the development, production, sales and operational support of the general aviation industry
– Develop common methods by which the Association members interface with suppliers
assist in developing the cooperation among the members of the Association and with commercial and banking institutions
coordinate the Association members’ activities with public organizations and foundations, associations, and non-profit organizations
– Create databases of suppliers of accessories and materials, airworthiness databases, statistical and regulatory databases, databases of guidelines for the development, production, business planning, marketing and advertising activities of Association members
– Participate in working bodies of international organizations in the interests of Association members and with the aim to remove existing barriers hampering Russian aviation equipment export
– Provide information support to Association members on the regulatory framework applicable in the aircraft construction industry and on the implementation of the up-to-date standards
– Perform marketing studies of the internal and external markets, monitor the status and development prospects of the market for goods and services, corresponding to the business profile of the members of the Association
– Arrange national forums, scientific symposiums, conferences, seminars and meetings on topical issues of the aircraft construction industry
– Provide integration of the Association into specialized international structures
– Encourage a positive public opinion toward and stimulate a competitive demand for the products produced by the members of the Association
– Mediate disputes and conflicts and render legal assistance for Association members
– Represent and protect interests of Association members with federal, regional and local state authorities as well as with international organizations
– Participate in the development and implementation of federal and regional programs on issues related to the technical regulation of aircraft development, production for the general aviation and associated civil aviation segments including the development of proposals, guidelines for airworthiness & safety assurance as well as the interaction with the state authorities and operating organizations
– Participate in information activities, in particular the Internet, through the organization and support of NGAMA’s own sites, forums, networks, and collective blogs
– Develop and implement the cooperative development programs of Association members, taking into account general aviation needs and development prospects
– Render consulting services to Association members on commercial activity and management issues.
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